Besties Celebrating Together

7th twin birthday party together with bestfriend. Children birthday parties by jojos parties edinburgh

Children birthday party edinburgh

We had an incredibly action-packed and exhilarating weekend at the party studio this week, filled with non-stop fun and excitement! 

Saturday was a whirlwind of activities, featuring back-to-back Silent Discos that were an absolute hit with the kids. 

They danced their hearts out, wearing headphones and moving to their own beat, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere that was both unique and unforgettable. The energy was electric, and the joy on their faces was truly heartwarming.

Happy 9th birthday! Edinburgh, jojosparties

On Sunday, the studio transformed into a wonderland of varied celebrations.

We kicked off with a series of Slime parties, where the children got their hands gooey creating colorful and squishy slime.

Each child proudly showing off their custom-made slime at the end.

Following this, we shifted gears to a delightful Soft Play area, where the younger ones enjoyed a safe and engaging space filled with soft blocks, play mats, and mini slides in the party studio.

Their giggles and happy shouts filled the air as they explored and played in this cushioned paradise.

7th twin birthday party together with bestfriend. Children birthday parties by jojos parties edinburgh

The highlight of Sunday was undoubtedly the Barbie-themed Silent Disco for best friends Amelia and Ruby.

Celebrating their birthdays together, they had a fantastic time with their friends, dancing to Barbie-themed Silent Disco birthday party.

(how fun is that, sharing your birthday with your bestie 🙂

Throughout the weekend, we felt honored to be a part of these special moments. Seeing the pure joy and excitement in the children’s eyes as they celebrated made every effort worthwhile.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the parents and kids who chose us to host their special day.

It was a weekend of unforgettable memories, laughter, and joy, and we can’t wait to do it all over again!

Thanks to everyone who joined us!


Bests, Jojo

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