How booking works:

  1. Choose which party you wish to book down below. 
  2. Choose an available date and time then click “next”.
  3. Fill out the booking form and click “schedule event.” We will only charge a 50GBP booking fee.
  4. Receive your booking confirmation email (check spam/junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox).
  5. Either in your booking confirmation email or in a follow up email we send you 1 week before the party, find a link where you can pay the remaining amount for the party and buy any additional addons (party bags and lunch boxes).

Prices: For each party it is shown below.

Lunch boxes: £4.50 per child (5 items included). Please note that guests are not permitted to bring their own food (besides the cake of course).

Party bags: £4 per child (mixture of small party toys, gummy sweets and bubbles)

Add-ons (lunch boxes or party box) and final payment can be settled through the link you get in your booking confirmation email which you get after booking or in the link which you get 1 week before the party.

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In case there are any issues, concerns or questions reach out to us on