Heya! My name is Jojo!

I have been planning and putting on parties since I was a kid. 

Growing up all I ever wanted to do is be a teacher, working with kids just like my Gran did, to me she was the coolest person I know (and still is today at 96 years old).  I started working as a babysitter when I was just 12 years Old!!

So knew at a young age working with kids was something I definitely wanted to do.

At 17 I got my first job working in the events industry and I was hooked, I had a hand in so many crazy different projects from managing a Christmas event with a whole venue made out of ice and filled with ice sculptures to putting on JAY-Z’s concert after show parties!! But what to do??

I loved both things so much, so the only sensible thing to do was…

Jojo Children Party Planner in Edinburgh

Smoosh them both together and boom Jojo’s Parties was born!!! 

It’s taken years of trying, failing, trying again and trying new things, throwing 2 kids born 18 months apart into the mix, facing single parenthood just to make it even more adventurous and for some good measure a few more tries and fails before I finally found my place. 

It was upon trying out a Silent Disco myself that I thought this would be absolutely brilliant for kids’ parties.

After a lot of research and training myself (with zero music or dancing skills) on how to run a Silent Disco Jojo’s parties was officially formed and took off like a rocket and we haven’t stopped since. 

My absolute number 1 passion in life is bringing some joy and happiness into the world, my business is more than my income, it’s my 3rd child. 

It means the world when parents choose me to host their child’s party, it’s an honour and when kids leave with massive smiles on their faces and having had the time of their lives, it makes all the hard work completely worth it