Silent Disco Party Packageūü§ę

Neon glow birthday parties in edinburgh by jojosparties

We got everything you might need.


From disco balls to specialized headphones. 

Premade music that is age appropriate.

Glowy props and glowy surfaces. 

A complimentary dance teacher (if needed)

And more!

The silent disco is a party theme that is a novelty.

It is enjoyed by all kids so far, and adults as well.


It’s not enough to just read about it. One has to experience it to the fullest live!

No loud noises, just your kid and his/her friends having a fun blast of fun.

Silent disco birthday party at Jojo in edinburgh. Ready to be booked.

Reccomended for birthdays. As one of a kind unique experiences it is really a great party starter.


The silent disco experience is enjoyed by all ages and demographics. 

Come around to our party studio at Jojo’s and enjoy the best that Edinburgh’s finest can offer!


We have hundreds of songs premade as a playlist.

But we also have literally any song you could think of!

Do you have a favorite tune?

Sure no problem, please feel free to place a song request at the DJ booth.

Did you know? Silent disco was first mentioned in a 1967 Japanese science fiction novel where the main character attended a party where everyone was wearing headphones.


2 girls on a silent disco birthday party at Jojosparties in edinburgh

Complimentary dance instructor Jojo giving a workout to the attendees below:

Reserve your spot now and schedule the best party for your kid.

Length: 60 minutes (90 minutes if lunch boxes are included)

Loaction: Unit 60a, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Leith, EH6 6JJ, United Kingdom

Recommended max capacity: 30 kids

Suitable for ages: 6+

Price: £189 (out of this £50 deposit to be paid upon booking)

See my availability or book straight away by clicking the button below.

Please note: While we show, suitable age, theme and party studio capacity as a general rule of thumb these are not set in stone, and potentially there can be exceptions and adjustments if discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

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