Gaming Party


Get ready for an hour of fun!

inflatable screen for children gaming party in edinburgh

A huge 16 foot sandwich inflatable screen!

Forgot your glasses at home? Not a problem, this screen will be visible from the other side of the city:)

AND even if you have the habit of sitting too close to the screen, your eyes will never get tired or hurt with this screen as it does not emit any harmful lights like the usual computer screen.

And YES, we do have a “BIG SCREEN” guarantee

The gaming party package won’t be a “real” gaming party without 2 things. 

  1. The guests (I hope you won’t forget about those.)
  2. The gaming accessories! (Which we got)

Enjoy an endless fun of Mario kart racing game sitting in our comfortable specialized gaming chairs.

Retro arcade games. They might not know how fun it is, but we do! And soon they will too!

And of course amongst other things, the famous Nintendo switch.

mario kart, nintendo switch and arcade gaming party for kids in edinburgh by jojos parties


And when the kids get tired from all that racing and competition, we got complimentary squash as refreshments. 

Plus the sweetie wall to…. get sweets from (not a joke, it’s an actual wall full of pick able sweets and candy dispensers).

Reserve your spot now and schedule the best party for your kid.

Length: 60 minutes (90 minutes if lunch boxes are included)

Loaction: Unit 60a, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Leith, EH6 6JJ, United Kingdom

Recommended max capacity: 12 kids (+8 adults, who can join in on the fun if they want)

Suitable for ages: 6+

Price: £159 (out of this £50 deposit to be paid upon booking)

See my availability or book straight away by clicking the button below.

Please note: While we show, suitable age, theme and party studio capacity as a general rule of thumb these are not set in stone, and potentially there can be exceptions and adjustments if discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

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